Choosing SBM ITB for My MBA

In some level of their career, one might ponder whether they need to get an MBA. There are a lot of reasons to get an MBA, it is said to be a good way to boost career to managerial level, it is also a good bargaining power to get a better position, and of course it can give a lot of knowledge to help people grow their career and business. To me myself, the reason I want to get an MBA is the first reason, I am hoping that by getting an MBA, I could boost my career or get a better job in a managerial position.

The next question is, when and where should I get an MBA? The when part is easy, now! Why wait? But where? That is the harder question. There are several option that I considered:

  1. Getting an MBA abroad through scholarship
  2. Getting a full-time MBA in Indonesia
  3. Getting a part-time MBA in Jakarta

I immediately eliminated the first option because I have failed several times in LPDP scholarship interview. After those failure, I want something that is more certain and decided to fund the study myself instead. Unfortunately, I am not rich enough to fund my MBA abroad, so that option is out.

I then consider getting a full time MBA. Full time MBA students certainly will get exposed better to the course. I could get the MBA in respectable universities like UI, ITB, UGM, Prasetya Mulya, or PPM. The have MBA program in Jakarta and also in their home city like Yogyakarta for UGM or Bandung for ITB. It might be a good change of pace to move to other city and live there for the 2 years MBA program. But reality soon strikes. Like most newly-wed young adult, I can not afford to quit my job to pursue an MBA. What will I feed my family with? It is just not possible with my current savings.

So the last option is to get a part-time MBA in Jakarta while continuing to work. For this option, there are several choices of program that I considered:

  • Magister Management at University of Indonesia (MM UI)
  • MBA at School of Business and Management Jakarta Campus, Bandung Institue of Technology (SBM ITB JKT)
  • MBA at Gadjah Mada University Jakarta Campus (MBA UGM JKT)
  • MBA at Prasetya Mulya Business School (MBA Prasmul)

Because my bachelor degree is in a private university, I want to have a state-funded university for my magister degree, so Prasmul is eliminated. The remaining choices are UI, ITB, UGM. At that time UGM just wasn’t appealing to me, so I didn’t consider that further.

PS: Last week a friend of mine in SBM ITB said that while ITB is the best Indonesian business school in 2019, in 2020 it was UGM. I can’t find the source of this claim yet, nor can I found the source of ITB’s claim.

My remaining choice is MM UI and MBA in SBM ITB JKT. I am originally inclined towards MM UI because I have a friend that graduated from there, I was also accepted to their magister program for IT but did not take it, and my dream was also to wear that yellow UI jacket, but that was for a medical degree. I am quite neutral with SBM ITB, what I know at that time is that SBM ITB is an expensive school. I get that perception from gossips that while they are state-funded, their undergraduate degree was quite pricy.

I then set up a few criteria or attributes to help me choose. I didn’t knew advance scientific method like SMART or AHP at that time, so this is just a simple qualitative selection. The criteria are:

  • Location
  • Tuition fee
  • Curriculum
  • Days of study

Location is important because I need to consider the time it took me from work to campus to home so I will not be late for lecture. Tuition fee is also important because it is money, enough said. Curriculum is also another consideration, I want my MBA to be closer to reality and not only theoretical. Days of study is also a consideration, do I prefer short hours every day, or long hours in the weekend. I did not consider the university reputation because both are respectable universities in Indonesia with great alumni network.

To make the decision easier, I compared both option head-to-head in a table:

CriteriaMM UISBM ITB JKTChoiceReason
LocationSalembaKuninganSBM ITBSalemba traffic is worse
Tuition Fee105++115MMM UII forgot the total fee for UI, but it was cheaper
CurriculumTheoriticalPractical SBM ITBThis was the impression I get from what I read and heard, I prefer the more practical SBM ITB
Days of StudyWeekday nightFriday+Weekend full daySBM ITBI don’t want to commute to campus everyday

From above considerations, I finally chose to take an MBA at SBM ITB JKT.

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